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Axelar is a cross-chain communication tool developing interoperability software to connect blockchain ecosystems, applications, and users. Axelar Network consists of a protocol suite, tools, and APIs, designed to break down the barriers to cross-chain communication. Axelar enables developers to build on the best platform for their needs while leveraging the Axelar stack to unlock cross-chain composability and liquidity.
Celer Network is a leading layer-2 blockchain scaling platform that enables fast, secure and private off-chain transactions for crypto payments and smart contract executions. It allows everyone to easily build and use highly scalable, interactive, and low-cost blockchain applications.
Gaming and NFT Marketplace on the SuiNetwork. Aligning incentives with creators and communities.
Founded by Data, Identity, and Marketing Analytics executives, Cramium is transforming the current imperfect ad tech ecosystem by developing innovative web3 technologies.
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At Ethos, we are building virtual wallet infrastructure and creating a reimagined wallet as a home base for web3 users to experience dApps, starting on the Sui blockchain. Our mission is to make the power of the decentralized web accessible to more developers and consumers.
Building gaming worlds and social bonds around social experiences. See, hear, and play games together! It's unlike anything you've played before.
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Because smart contract audits are never enough to ensure your company is safe. Halborn brings award-winning, ethical hackers and blockchain specialists into your company to protect the services and apps working directly with your preferred protocol from cyber attacks.
With, developers can deploy and manage physical servers across the globe in minutes via an easy to use API and dashboard.
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Founded in 2021, LayerZero’s vision is to create a community of cross-chain developers, building dApps that are no longer constrained by individual blockchain capabilities. With LayerZero's simple, generic messaging protocol, builders will develop cross-chain dApps designed to unify the power of individual blockchains. We have built and launched the first dApp, Stargate, a fully composable native asset bridge that will allow users to swap one asset to another securely and without additional fees.
Lucky Kat is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands. We make games that entertain the world. Our games have over 200 million downloads on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store with over 5 million 5 star user ratings.
Mint State Labs is looking to bring gaming enthusiast communities together with web3.0 technologies. MSL: Innovate, Create, Connect.