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Zero Knowledge Cryptography Researcher



Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Zero Knowledge Cryptography Researcher

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Zellic is hiring Cryptographers and Zero Knowledge experts. We’re looking for individuals with outstanding talent in cryptography, applied and pure math, zero knowledge proofs, multi-party computation, and fully homomorphic encryption.
Zellic is a blockchain security firm solving the most critical software assurance problems. Our audits prevent business-ending hacks. We have identified and eliminated critical vulnerabilities in top projects, including Sui and Aptos Core, Solana SPL, and LayerZero that endangered billions of dollars. In 2022, 55% of Zellic audits uncovered serious issues. Our mission is simple: catch deadly bugs, save users’ money.
Our expertise in both Web3 and Web2 allows us to tackle even the most challenging targets. We are leading experts in cryptography, web security, and reverse engineering. We advise clients in the EVM, Move, Cosmos, and Solana ecosystems, as well as wallets, major cross-chain bridges and L1s. Before Zellic, we founded the #1 CTF (competitive hacking) team in the world.
To be considered for this role, please apply at: https://airtable.com/shrlsmK5IXRzYs4yS

We're looking for

As a Zero Knowledge Cryptography Researcher at Zellic, you will collaborate closely with our cryptography team to secure Web3’s critical cryptographic infrastructure. You will focus specifically on zero knowledge systems. You will also work together with the world’s best hackers to identify to perform cutting edge research on the security of new cryptographic primitives before they’re unleashed in the real world. We’re seeking highly motivated individuals with expertise in the intersection of cryptography and security.


Conduct security assessments and audits of zero knowledge circuits and systems to identify security or design flaws
Communicate assessment findings with clients in a clear and professional manner
Perform research and write about the of state of art blockchain cryptographic primitives.
Opportunity to travel and present at security conferences.
Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in zero knowledge cryptography


Strong background in cryptography, including experience in designing cryptographic protocols and primitives. Bonus points for breaking them!
Familiarity with zero knowledge proof systems, such as SNARKs, STARKS or Bulletproofs
Experience in programming languages and DSLs commonly used in zero knowledge cryptography, such as Rust and Circom

Other nice-to-haves

Experience in formal verification methods and security for zero knowledge circuits
Competed in CTFs with focus on cryptography challenges
A healthy dose of skepticism and the ability to think independently and critically
Interest in finance or blockchain/web3 technology is welcome, but not required

What you’ll like about us

Work closely with a cross-functional team of highly-motivated and intelligent individuals across geographies and diverse backgrounds
A fast-paced learning environment with significant opportunity for personal growth and career development
Engage in cutting-edge research and development in the field of zero knowledge cryptography
We have a transparent, flat culture
Fully remote role (the Zellic team is 100% remote)
Once we receive your application, we'll be in touch if we are interested.
To be considered for this role, please apply at: https://airtable.com/shrlsmK5IXRzYs4yS